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Doug "Dr. Doug" Krause

His voice, his piano, and plenty of soul.

Playing songs from all eras, Doug's performance takes the listener on a journey through the history of roots-based blues, rock, jazz, and pop. He particularly enjoys creating renditions of songs that might not be considered solo types of works. One might hear a variation on a song by their favorite classic rock band or a blues version of a country tune, not just the standard piano songs that might be expected. His songlist contains some of those, too. There's plenty of variety, often something familiar and sometimes something new, and maybe even a song or two of his own thrown in for good measure.

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EP Release from Doug Krause

Buy the CD! Recently released is a collection of songs written and performed by Doug Krause. The EP, entitled On a Roll, consists of 5 cuts, all of which display Doug's unique piano and vocal stylings. This project is a blend of blues, country, and rock music resulting in Doug's own brand of "pop" style rhythm and blues. It comes from years of performing and writing in these styles. The recordings are enhanced by the powerful rhythm and horn arrangements provided by veteran performers with whom Doug has collaborated for years. These songs were recorded in Colorado, but there are musical influences in this collection that range from New Orleans to Nashville and Chicago to L.A.
Song Titles (click on titles for audio sample):
I Didn't Need Her Love (Until Her Love Was Gone)

Nobody Loves My Baby Like Me

Nothin' Left At All
Everybody Knows She's Mine But Me
That Roll                      ©2005 Denver Basin Music

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Also by Doug Krause
Never Too Late
Song Titles:
(click on linked titles for audio sample)
Tear It Down
My Mistake
Girl In Calico
Was It Love
I Can't Fall In Love
I Didn't Want You Anyway
All Of This Time
Didn't Need To Need You
I Call Her Baby
Too Late, I Discovered
Young Girls
©2001 Douglas William Krause
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Never Too Late

©2009 Full Measure Productions